Victory Undercover

Cover for Victory Undercover

Book 2, The Victory Series

For Cade Balassone, maintaining the status quo with his best friend and partner Holly VanEvery has meant pushing his true feelings beneath the surface—without giving up hope of chipping through the granite casing around her heart. He knows her survivalist mother taught her to protect herself at all costs, but someday he’ll convince her she doesn’t need protection from him. 

Holly knows Cade doesn’t get it. She’s protecting him, knowing she’ll inevitably hurt him if she allows their relationship to become more. She forces her growing fear that it’s too late to take a backseat while they strive to save Victory, the business that has given them both purpose. After a saboteur nearly destroyed Victory, restoring its reputation is their number two priority. Number one is finding Niall Raff, the man seeking to destroy them.

Following a lead to the Willow Farm Resilience Collective, Cade and Holly are sent undercover through the sustainable community’s “marriage repair” services. Their participation in the Farm’s soul-bearing activities works like acid on Holly’s stone walls and incites Cade to shift their relationship out of neutral. But when they unearth a sinister plot targeting not just Willow Farm’s residents but other, similar entities, including the one Holly’s mother runs, their feelings become a distraction that could put their mission—and their lives—in jeopardy.

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The Victory Series

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Cover for Victory Undercover
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