Victory on the Edge

Victory on the Edge cover

Book 1, The Victory Series

July 14, 2023

Max drives Victory’s success.
Bas knows someone is pushing the company to fail.
And he thinks it’s her…

Max Landford handles every aspect of operations for Victory, a company dedicated to helping people who fall through the cracks, so it’s her job to deal with escalating problems that call into question Victory’s reliability. When a near-fatal disaster occurs on Max’s watch, it becomes clear that none of the problems are coincidental.

Troubleshooter Sebastian Braga is hired to investigate a possible saboteur within the company, and Max is his prime suspect. He never expected to fall for the smart, challenging woman in charge, never mind for the family vibe at Victory itself. But the chemistry between the two of them keeps getting in the way of Bas’s investigation, and Max, thrown off balance by his effect on her, worries the distraction is making her job suffer.

Discovering she is her bosses’ prime suspect and that Bas has been lying to her since they met sends Max into an unfamiliar tailspin. She’d resign, but the threat is growing, and she and Bas have to work together to save the company they both believe in. Forced to make decisions that could destroy Victory as thoroughly as their enemy, they have to face the possibility that their efforts—and their romance—are doomed. Can they keep Victory from going over the edge?

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The Victory Series

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Victory on the Edge cover
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