Soulflight Cover

Book 2 of The Soul Series

Samantha Ranger can fly. Thirteen years ago someone shot her because of it, and threatened her family. She ran. Now, in saving the life of a child, she’s given them the ability to find her again.

Rock Davis, a freelance spy and friend of Samantha’s cousin Alexa, is sent to protect her. But when he learns who wants her, and why, his mission is compromised by his desire to use her to save his sister and stop one man and his dangerous delusions. It  doesn’t take long for Samantha to find her own place in his heart, making hard choices nearly impossible.

Samantha can overcome her fear of the man who wants to imprison her in order to help save the others under his control. But falling for Rock complicates everything—how far is he willing to go to right the wrongs he perceives in his past?

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Soulflight Cover
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