The Soul Series

“Damschroder heroines are always so cool and capable but still all-woman.”

Delynn Royer

author, A Touch of Camelot

Many (many!) years ago, when my oldest daughter was about 2, we were watching a cartoon that had a dragon in it. I asked her if she wanted to see a dragon someday. She said “Yes. A red one.” That launched my brain into the idea that became Soul of the Dragon, my first paranormal romance.

I’m very excited to have concluded the series in 2017. The first book features Alexa Ranger, a spy who had a dragon friend as a child. That dragon turns out to be her soulmate, cursed a thousand years ago by the mage who was supposed to be his best friend. Soulflight stars Alexa’s cousin Samantha, who went into hiding when she was 18 and someone tried to shoot her out of the sky. (Yeah, Sam can fly.) Many years later, Alexa’s brother Peter finds his own true love in Harte and Soul, with an undercover agent protecting his daughter from old enemies. And finally, in Soul Deep, my FAVORITE book of the series, the mage from book 1 finds redemption and real love with a woman who can breathe underwater.

The series is best read in order for maximum enjoyment. You can also buy the box set and save some money! 🙂 I hope you like them!

Soul of the Dragon cover
Soulflight Cover
Soul Deep Cover
Image of all four books in a 3D box