I am so seriously excited to announce that the conclusion of the Soul Series, Soul Deep, is finally available in all venues! (Paperback coming soon.)

When I started this series so many years ago, I didn’t know what would happen for everyone (except their happy endings, of course). One thing I did know, though, was that Tars would eventually get his redemption. I don’t want to say the happiness he deserved, because at the time, he didn’t deserve it at all. But a decade passes between the first book and the fourth, and his redemption is fully within reach.

I really, really loved writing this book. Alexa and Ryc play a prominent role, with Sam and Rock part of the mission. The heroine is Ke’an Oliviera, who had been abducted by Pike Laurent in Soulflight because of her ability to breathe underwater. She and Tars get off to a rocky start, and then have to deal with a stalker (hers) and a megalomaniac billionaire idiot who nonetheless has the potential to do incredible amounts of damage all of the world. Brook and Peter from Harte and Soul also make an appearance. You’ll see a couple of other familiar faces, too.

As a reminder, Soul of the Dragon is free in e-book. Starting next week, you’ll be able to enter a Goodreads giveaway for a print copy.

Read an excerpt of Soul Deep here.

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