The Road to Victory

The Road to Victory Cover

Book 2.5, The Seismic Series

Book .5, The Victory Series


After defeating a terrible enemy and suffering an equally terrible loss, Mayne Sobol is adrift. He needs to normalize his daughter’s life, but the one job he’s done his entire career is too dangerous to continue. 

Bailey Fleming loves her job at Victory—too much. Her plans for her own business are ready to launch, and she’s been procrastinating since finding the kind of work family she wants to build. It’s time to break free, but she lets herself be talked into one last assignment.

Bailey and Mayne start with competing interests, but in the course of foiling a complicated plot against their clients, intrigue and attraction draw them together. Neither is in a position to start something personal when their careers are in such flux…but if they don’t explore the chemistry between them, they may regret it for the rest of their lives.

Note: The Road to Victory is a standalone story between the Seismic Series and the Victory Series. It does contain spoilers for Aftershocks and Resonance, but you don’t need to have read those books to enjoy this novella, and The Road to Victory isn’t necessary to enjoy the upcoming Victory Series.

Release day is July 14, 2023!

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