The Month of the Hero

The Month of the Hero

MJ Fredrick and I did a month-long promotion in March 2011, discussing heroic traits and how they manifest in some of our favorite fictional heroes. This was in celebration of our March releases, MJ’s Road Signs on 3/14 and my Fight or Flight on 3/28.


Angel the Vampire

Book ’Em, Danno

Chief Brody from Jaws

McClane from the Die Hard Franchise

Adam Braverman from Parenthood


Harry’s Best Mate (Ron from Harry Potter)

Doing the Right Thing: Stan from The Back-Up Plan

When Wrong Can Be Right (Michael from Nikita)

Doing the Right Thing: Raylan Givens from Justified

The Heartbreak of Dean (Winchester, from Supernatural)

Bonus Hero: Teddy Beaudine (Call Me Irresistible)


Sheriff Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

A LOST Hero: Jack Shephard

Coach Eric Taylor from FNL

The Ultimate Leader: Doctor Who

Michael Westen from Burn Notice


The Courage of Kurt on Glee

Harry Potter, Boy Wizard

A Blind Hero: Auggie from Covert Affairs

Jake from Avatar

Real-Life Heroes

Hero Showdown

And the winner is…

The Month of the Hero finalistsThe Month of the Hero runner-upThe Month of the Hero winner

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