Sophie’s Playboy

Sophie's Playboy FinalWho wouldn’t be satisfied with a high-paying job and country-club social life? Sophie Macgregor wants something more fulfilling and worthwhile. When she lucks into her own radio show, her passion for the job changes everything. Next, she wants a family—and the playboys of her usual circle are not the place to start building one.

Parker Cornwall respects Sophie’s position. Mostly. He’s cultivated his playboy reputation to keep women at a distance. His family’s legacy of pain isn’t something he wants to continue. But Sophie’s passion draws him to her, and when they start working together, love imposes its own agenda on them both. 

Sophie discovers that labels and reputations mean far less than the man underneath, but Parker is terrified of hurting Sophie, and of being hurt in return. Only when tragedy strikes can he finally understand that having and losing is better than never having at all.

NOTE: This book was originally published in 2005. This is an updated reissue, but the story has not substantially changed.


Sophie’s Playboy
by Natalie J. Damschroder
Contemporary Romance
June 15, 2015

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Coffee Time Romance reviewedFour Cups!
“I absolutely adore the way Parker and Sophie bounce off each other throughout the novel. The sexual tension is evident on nearly every page, making me want to cheer them on to a happy ending. I only had one minor issue with the book. The situation that burdens both Parker and Sophie are presented early enough in the story but tend to be rehashed a few too many times. However, the sweet and funny culmination at the end more than makes up the reiteration.”—Charissa, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


“If you have read KIRA’S BEST FRIEND, you will not want to miss the sequel SOPHIE’S PLAYBOY.  Even though I have not read Kira’s story, it has become a must read on my list.  Natalie J. Damschroder gives her readers a wonderful entertaining story of Sophie’s quest to find the man who will fulfill all of her dreams.  She is in for the surprise of her life when she realizes her playboy; Parker yearns to take care of a wife and children all of his own.”—Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5, Brianna Burress, Romance Junkies