Brianna’s Navy SEAL

Brianna's Navy SEAL coverHer whole life, Brianna Macgregor longed for adventure, and when the time came, she embraced it with her whole being. A horrible tragedy cured her forever, until Cable Addison came to Brook Hollow.

A former Navy SEAL, Cable’s ready to trade mission specs for curriculum guidelines. His appearance as a kindergarten teacher makes waves, but he’s settling into his new life exactly the way he planned. He even has a new romance going with the teacher across the hall, someone he might be able to spend the rest of his life with.

But adventure has followed him in dangerous ways, and Brianna has to decide if love is worth the risk.

NOTE: This book was originally published in 2007. This is an updated reissue, but the story has not substantially changed. Brianna’s Navy SEAL serves as a bridge from my straight contemporary romances to my action-adventure romances. Because even though Brianna overcame her need for adventure before this book started…well, it manages to find her anyway.

Brianna’s Navy SEAL
by Natalie J. Damschroder
Romantic Adventure/Contemporary Romance
July 6, 2015

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“BRIANNA’S NAVY SEAL is highly suspenseful and very sensual. I found myself slowly turning the pages in anticipation of what would happen. Most of the time, just when I thought I knew what would occur, I was completely surprised! I loved the fact that I could not anticipate the plot twists. As far as heroes go, Cable was honorable and extremely desirable and I fell in love with him right along with Brianna. In fact, had she not snatched him up, he would be all mine.”—4 Blue Ribbons, Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies

“Brianna’s Navy SEAL was a fun-loving, adventurous, romance story. Cable and Brianna were delightful characters who complimented each other very well. Here was a couple who had to overcome numerous obstacles in order to maintain a loving relationship. Brianna was an independent, sparkly heroine; while, Cable was a sexy, take-charge type of guy. The love scenes between them were intensely sizzling and the dramatic conclusion will have you gasping for breath. Overall, I found the plot was well balanced with humorous moments, heated romance, and thrilling suspense.”—3 Angels, Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews

“BRIANNA’S NAVY SEAL is both a sweet and heart-breaking romance. The relationship between Brianna and Cable is well-developed and their reservations about the obstacles they face are easy to understand. This is a couple that is truly made for each other, but the fears they each have cause them a lot of trouble, and they struggle with those fears for much of the book. Their relationship is aided by Brianna’s matchmaking family: mom Elyse who works as Cable’s aide, and her sisters, Kira and Sophie, whose stories have been previously released. For those who have read the earlier tales, the chance to catch up with Kira and Jake, and Sophie and Parker will be welcome, but if this is your first visit to Brook Hollow, don’t worry, BRIANNA’S NAVY SEAL stands well on its own.”—Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today

“Brianna’s Navy SEAL is passionate and romantic. Brianna and Cable are lovely characters, refreshing, delightful and full of zest as they fight obstacles to reach for that everlasting love in life. They make a sweet couple that this reader cheered for all the way. Cable, with his sexy appeal and Brianna, with her gusto, when paired, send off electrical shocks. Ms. Damschroder pens a wonderful romance with a touch of conflict and well-rounded secondary characters to keep the story moving consistently. She instills a great plot, and a touch of mystery in one book that should not be missed.”—4 cups, Cherokee, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

“Full of action, romance, and comaraderie, nicely rounded with humor, Brianna’s Navy Seal is a fast-paced read. Ms. Damschroder does a marvelous job of bringing Brook Hollow and its inhabitants to life!”—Tara Manderino, My Shelf

Brianna’s Navy SEAL is full of adventure, danger, and sizzling passion. Natalie Damschroder keeps the reader engrossed page after page. Cable is a SEAL with an unexpected tender side. Who would imagine a gung ho SEAL as a kindergarten teacher? There are moments of humor along with a plot that keeps the reader guessing. Both Cable and Brianna have fears and obstacles that they must overcome in order to be together. Characters from the previous books make an appearance, but this story stands on its own. Now that I’ve read the last in the series, I have to read the first two! Brook Hollow rocks!”—Delia, Joyfully Reviewed