Heavy Metal’s Car Chase

Last weekend, I was excited to be able to go to New England, where I feel more home than I do anywhere else, even though I’ve lived in Pennsylvania longer than I did in Massachusetts. Because I love New England so much, I often set books or scenes there. Some...

Release Day for Soulflight

Just Released! Click here for an excerpt. Soulfight, Book 2 of the Soul Series Samantha Ranger can fly. Thirteen years ago someone shot her because of it, and threatened her family. She ran. Now, in saving the life of a child, she’s given them the ability to find her...

Heavy Metal is Available for Pre-Order!

If you order your books from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, you might be happy to see that the paperback of Book 2 in the Goddesses Rising series, Heavy Metal, is available for preorder! Amazon has their pre-order price guarantee, so that if you pre-order now and the...
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