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Here’s a bit of the first scene where heroine Alexa Ranger’s boss, Rock Davis, appears in Soul of the Dragon. He’s the hero of book two, Soulflight, coming soon!

Reacting by instinct, Alexa stepped back to regain her balance, braced, and tossed the man over her shoulder. Instead of landing on his back, however, he flipped all the way and landed on his feet, then spun to face her, laughing.

“Rock!” She wanted to press a hand to her heart, vibrating as it was with adrenaline, but couldn’t show any kind of “female weakness” to her boss. Ex-boss. She stuck her hands on her hips instead. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Rock Davis shrugged. “Keeping you on your toes so you won’t be out of practice when you come back.”

Alexa rolled her eyes and strode past him to the swing, where she dropped onto it and pushed it into violent motion. “I’m not coming back, Rock.”

Without jarring the swing or interrupting its timing, he eased himself onto it and settled back. “Oh? Then what do you plan to do with your life after this personal job is done?”

Good question. She’d been concentrating so hard on the outcome, she hadn’t considered the aftermath.

Soul of the Dragon cover