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Today I’m going to share the first excerpt of Soulflight, the next book to be released in my Soul Series. If you’ve read Soul of the Dragon, you might have seen part of the first chapter. This section is when Samantha and Rock first get up close and personal. (Not that way. 😉 )


“Holy Mary, Mother of God!”

Samantha burst awake at an electric jab in her shoulder. She glared at the man who sat on the edge of the bed next to her. Shades, who’d chased her from the library. Who couldn’t possibly have shot her, but must have taken her off the street afterward.

“What the hell are you doing?” she barked. Her head swam at the effort after her sudden movements. She fought it off, struggling not to let him see her weakness.

Then he nodded at her shoulder. She glanced down at ragged, bloody flesh with a needle sticking out of it.

Oh, God. She swallowed hard. Pain throbbed in the wound and set off a chain reaction. Her head added a counterbeat where she must have hit it when she fell, and her legs provided melody from all the unaccustomed flat-out running. She hadn’t felt this bad since she was shot.

Shot the last time. She jerked her head up at Shades, who sat patiently as if watching her brain catalog evidence. He had been behind her, and the bullet hit her from the front. She’d glimpsed a scrawny guy in a gray sweatshirt who might have been the shooter, she wasn’t sure. But she was sure Shades couldn’t have been.

Soulflight Cover