One-Sentence Anthologies

Introducing the One-Sentence Anthologies

These collections of romance novellas don’t contain one sentence. That would be silly. But they are all driven by one sentence, meaning every story in the collection has the same sentence in the same place. We began with one premise: That if 5 authors start with the same sentence, they will all write vastly different stories. The results: made of awesome. From contemporary to futuristic, these novellas have a little bit of everything, but most especially—love-filled happy endings.

As of January 1, 2018, The First Sentence is on sale for only .99. The Second Sentence, in which all the stories contain the same second sentence, will release on February 14, 2018. Proceeds will be donated to organizations dedicated to helping women in need. Visit our anthology website or click the covers below to learn more.

a collection of romance novellas          

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I am so excited to announce that The Tempest Turtle, my story in The Second Sentence, is a finalist in the 2019 International Digital Awards!

International Digital Awards Finalist Badge