Squeekie Saves the Store and Annika the Spy

In 2017, I was honored to be invited to write a story for The Second and Third Nine Lives of Squeekie the Bookstore Cat.

Squeekie is a real cat, and he lives in a real bookstore, Cupboard Maker Books in Enola, PA. Many of you have heard me mention this awesome store and its fantastic owner, Michelle, and her excellent staff. I love doing signings there, and shopping there, and hanging out with the people and cats there. (CMB is involved with a local cat rescue, and they’ve found forever homes for dozens, if not hundreds of cats! You can check out this page for more information.)

Anyway, I write characters who save the world, or a small part of it, and Squeekie is no different. You can see a bit of the story using Amazon’s Look Inside feature, on this page, where you can also buy the book. Or buy directly from the bookstore (that’s best for Squeekie).

There is also first volume, The First Nine Lives of Squeekie, the Bookstore Cat, which you can get at the same links. I’m not in that one, but the stories that are, are also really good. 🙂 The third volume, Squeekie Celebrates 20 Years of the Cupboard Maker Books, has my story in it, too.

THEN, in 2019, I entered a contest with “Annika the Spy,” and was selected to be included in The Very, Very Bad Misadventures of Annika the Reluctant Bookstore Cat. Annika has a lot of attitude but she always lets me pet her, so I like to pretend I’m her favorite. 🙂

I hope you check them out, and enjoy!

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