Short Fiction

Your first option is my free short story, Phenomenal Impact. It’s meta. 😉 You can get it for FREE by signing up for my newsletter or buy it at Amazon for 99 cents. Then explore all the Adrenaline Shots!

Phenomenal Impact cover

If You Believe in Me was written in response to a call for Hallmark-potential Christmas stories. Then I realized a war zone, crowds of people, multiple settings, and flashbacks aren’t TV-friendly. But I really like the story anyway! Put a Christmastime reunion romance in your day, any time of year!


The FREE Tiny Treats collections are full of very short, very fun holiday-themed stories!

TTStPatCover     Tiny Treats: A Holiday Collection

And finally, Blue Silver. These two stories go with some other stories written by really talented people who love 80s bands like Duran Duran. Yep. The heroes are rockers.

Lost Our Forever Final     Rebuilding Forever Final

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