These are not black widows, but don’t they look cool?

I am SO excited to announce a two-book contract with Entangled Suspense!

The first book, Black Widow, is about a woman seeking retribution for her life being ripped apart. It’s currently scheduled for November 2013.

The second book is currently titled Entanglement. The hero and his best friend (the heroine) try to uncover the truth behind his brother’s death, while navigating very tangled romantic relationships. This book should be out in January 2014.


Don’t want to wait that long? Well, if you don’t mind your suspense/adventure stories with a hint of the paranormal, check out the newest release in my Soul Series. Soulflight is about a woman who can fly, who has been in hiding from someone who wants to harness (aka steal) her ability. Rock Davis, who you first met in Soul of the Dragon, is tasked with protecting Samantha until they decide the only way to really do that is by taking down the man so determined to make her part of his “team.”

Don’t have Soul of the Dragon yet? That’s great! Because for a limited time, you can get it free! Download your DRM-free copy from Kobo, Smashwords, or All Romance eBooks in your preferred format (including ePub and mobi). I can’t make it free at Amazon or B&N, but it’s only .99 at both right now.

And now, I shall return to editing my next romantic adventure before Misty Simon takes my head off for not working! 🙂