Entangled Publishing is having a HUGE sale, reducing an enormous number of standalone and first-in-series books to 99 cents. This includes three of my books (plus my novella, which is always 99 cents). Click the image above to go to my author page on their site. From there, you can link to your preferred retailer.

My newest release, Secrets Under SIEGE, is also still only 99 cents, though it was supposed to be regular price by now. I plan on reducing all the titles in my control to 99 cents in the next couple of days, so keep an eye on anything you’ve been thinking about.

Many are also available through libraries, even as e-books, if you’re looking for more affordable ways to read. Kindle Unlimited is also free for the next few weeks. My only titles in KU are the superhero series, but of course there are thousands of titles available in KU, so you can easily find what you like.

If you prefer print books, see if your local independent bookstores are doing pickup, delivery, or shipping during the shutdown. Another option is Bookshop.org, which allows you to shop online but support local bookstores.

Scanning social media will lead you to myriad ways authors are supporting readers and other authors during this unprecedented situation. No matter what your circumstance, you can find the escape you desperately need! 

Please, everyone, stay safe, stay well, and we will get through this. 💙