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Sunroper is a Prism Winner!

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I am so excited! On Thursday night, the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Romance Writers held their annual event, The Gathering, at the Romance Writers of America conference in San Antonio, Texas. They held the Prism awards ceremony, and Sunroper won in the Light Paranormal category! (The list of all winners should be posted here soon.)

To celebrate, here are six paragraphs from Sunroper.

Sunroper Cover

Marley wrapped both hands around the mug to absorb the heat. There was only one way to answer that question. “I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not.”

He said it with such compassion and lack of judgment that she blinked back tears, tilting her head to stare at the shadowed ceiling as if it had the power to keep the emotion at bay.

“It’s okay to be sorry he’s gone.”

It was the perfect summation of everything she’d been analyzing a few minutes ago, and it broke her. She leaned to set the almost-empty mug on the nightstand and covered her face with her hands, suppressed sobs racking her body.

Gage’s fingers wrapped around her upper arms. He pulled her into his lap, settling her effortlessly and cradling her against his chest. He even rocked her. Marley’s sob turned into a giggle, a sound she hadn’t made in years.

Sneak Peek Sunday—Full Fusion

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Due to technical difficulties, I don’t have a website up yet for NJ Damschroder, who is about to publish the first in her YA series. I”m also awaiting final cover art, so the book isn’t published yet. But it will be ANY DAY NOW. And I’m super excited!

UPDATE: The website is now up, and the cover is here! The book should be on sale in the next couple of days, if not sooner!

So here is a sneak peek at Full Fusion!

Full Fusion Cover


Idiot. It’s like one of those crocotta things from that supernatural show, luring you away so it can eat you. I ignored myself, too. I had to know what that light was. It was the answer to everything. A hard core of anticipation formed in the center of my body, and I moved faster, more purposefully. I wanted that light. I had to have it, like a jilted co-ed has to have ice cream. If I didn’t get it, I would die. Lincoln called my name from very far away. He was scared. I wanted to tell him it was okay, but my voice didn’t work. My eyes burned, dry, but I couldn’t blink my eyelids.

Then something hit me, hard, but rolled in midair so I landed on it instead of the blacktop. Before we landed, that light, the same but different, streaked over my head, missing me by inches.

“What the he—”

Lincoln had tackled me better than the Patriots’ star safety could have. He rolled again so he covered me as the world lit up—red, gold, black—and roared. The ground shook under me, the sky wiggled above, and my ears had been stuffed with cotton. Everything slowed, got sluggish, but my brain processed what was happening. I had a direct line of sight under Linc’s arm, to the blazing ball of fire that had been his Firebird.

My lungs managed to suck in the air Linc had knocked out of them, and with air came chaos. From shoulders to ankles, I hurt from the impact of his tackle. My eardrums cringed from the noise, which, if I concentrated, I could tell was a mix of roaring fire, sirens, and screams/shouts, probably from people who’d been in the pro shop or Hall. My eyes felt seared by the light that had zoomed past, not nearly so seductive and friendly as it had seemed at first.

I didn’t want to ask. But I had to. “What the hell was that?”


About the Book

Eighteen-year-old Roxie Sebastian lives a charmed life, and she knows it. Too bad she can’t feel it. All her life, she’s felt disconnected from the world around her. Everything changes just before graduation, when she’s drawn to an eerie, brilliant light—which narrowly misses her as it blows up her friend Lincoln’s car. Clearly someone’s after Roxie, and finally Lincoln tells her the truth: He and Roxie are angels, beings from another dimension, and that light is her soul, separated from her human body in a traumatic birth.

Once a skeptical Roxie rules out the other possibilities—like Lincoln created this delusion to escape his abusive father—she accepts her gut-deep knowledge of the truth. But someone has been screwing with her light, using it to commit crimes, and their actions are about to cause irreparable damage to two worlds: the one she lives in, and the one she can’t remember.

Aided by her best friend Jordan, her boyfriend Tucker, and Lincoln, Roxie tracks down the criminal and uncovers many more secrets not only of her past, but of the history of their race on Earth. And then Roxie faces a horrible dilemma—the only way she can stop them from ripping apart both worlds is to fuse with her light…which could be tainted by the evil with which it was used.

Sneak Peek Sunday—Hearts Under Siege

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For more peeks into some really great books, click the banner above!

This section is from my brand-new release, Hearts Under Siege. It’s 99 cents for only a few more days, so if you want it, get it now! 🙂


“What are you doing?” She jerked away and he grabbed her around the waist with one arm, digging for the lump that had to be her keys.

“You’re not leaving without me.”

She drew in a sharp breath and he froze, suddenly registering their position. He’d dragged her to his body. Her left breast was squashed against his chest, her left leg between his, the fingers of his right hand only inches from…well, they were buried deep in her pocket. Instead of releasing her, his arm around her back tightened, bringing her even closer and pushing out her breath. Her long black eyelashes swished upward, exposing a plea he couldn’t interpret. Did she want him to let her go…or kiss her?

Kiss her.

He didn’t analyze the whisper, or consider what it meant. It sounded like a reasonable suggestion. He actually bent his head before a different, louder voice inside him yelled Are you effing crazy? He jerked upright and let go of her, pulling the keys free as he did and pretending for all he was worth that the keys had been his goal all along.

“I’ll be right back. Stay here on pain of death.” Then he escaped inside the house, striving to regain his breath and his freaking sanity.

Hearts Under Siege cover

Sneak Peek Sunday—A Kiss of Revenge

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Welcome back to Sneak Peek Sunday! Click the banner above for the list of all the authors participating with excerpts this week.

Today I’m sharing a bit of A Kiss of Revenge, my most recent romantic adventure. Check back here soon for a sneak peek of my next book, Hearts Under Siege, out on February 24!


Reese closed her eyes reluctantly, unsure how to graciously decline. She felt Griff’s arms circle her shoulders, then a moment later a light weight against her chest. A stupid tear leaked out of her left eye. He’d bought her the necklace with the butterfly and the ironwood branch.


“Because it’s…you.” His hands closed over her shoulders, warmth seeping immediately through her cotton shirt. She kept her gaze down and stroked a finger over the delicate filigree of the butterfly. His voice eased through her, deep and low, and awakened nerve endings that had been dormant a very long time.

“The artist could have made this just for you,” he told her. “Deceptively delicate, exceedingly vulnerable, but also unbreakable to the core.”

No one had ever said something so beautiful about her before.

Confusion swirled through her, combined with a longing that ached deep within. “Griff,” she whispered, lifting her head to meet his blazing eyes.

A Kiss of Revenge Cover

A Kiss of Revenge

Available Now
from Entangled Ignite

Marriage is completely over-rated, especially after Reese Templeton’s quadratic failure. She’d rather settle down to a solitary life of owning a bakery—after she tracks down the man responsible for her husband’s death and making her a human Taser full of enough electricity to short out a city block or send a man into cardiac arrest with just one kiss.

But alluring P.I. Griffin Chase is stirring up those feelings of need again. Only this time, her desire to be in his arms has nothing to do with her fear of loneliness and everything to do with the current charging through her body every time he looks at her…touches her.

Griffin hasn’t remained at Reese’s side just because of the spark that has nothing to do with her super-human talents. He’s willing to compromise his rock-solid principles so she can find closure. But before they can move on, he must help her catch her late husband’s killer, staying on track before she has a chance to exact her revenge. Because leading Reese to jail in handcuffs may just break his heart for the final time.

A Kiss of Revenge
by Natalie J. Damschroder
Romantic Adventure/Romantic Suspense
Entangled Ignite, 2013
ISBN 13: 9781622662067

Purchase From:

Barnes and Noble


Sneak Peek Sunday, March 17—Something Completely Different

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday! Thanks to Sara Walter Elwood/Cera Dubois for sponsoring this weekly six-paragraph sneak peek blog hop. Click here to see more great excerpts!

I decided to do something different this week. This excerpt is from an untitled WIP that I’ve been revising. It’s still romantic adventure, so the kick-ass heroine is still pretty…obvious. 🙂

Let me know what you think!

Zoe blew out a frustrated breath. Joy twisted with shock and fear, making her queasy. “Kell, what are you doing here?” She hated how harsh it sounded, but they were probably being tracked, if not outright watched. His appearance may have undone everything. She had to get rid of him.

Grant dropped his arm from where it was braced against Kell’s. “This is your fiancé?” He eyed Kell speculatively.

“Ex-fiancé.” For a second, Zoe tried to see him through Grant’s eyes. He looked like the lawyer he was, in khakis and a polo and Italian loafers. An expensive travel tote lay on its side a few feet away. Even after his lunge at Grant, his hair was perfectly combed and expertly cut. He was the antithesis of Grant’s scruffiness.

“I’m obviously at a disadvantage.” Kell, too, had dropped his arms, but he glowered at Grant. “Who is this guy, and why was he manhandling you?”

“Grant Neely, also ex-fiancé, and I was just stopping her from running off. She’s cranky right now.”

“Oh, for cripes sake.” Zoe stomped over to them. “Grant and I knew each other when we were teenagers. I never accepted your proposal,” she reminded him. “He’s helping me with…something.” It was probably too late to keep Kell out of this, but she had to try. “Here’s a tip: don’t tell a cranky woman that she’s cranky.”

Sneak Peek Sunday for March 10, with more Soulflight

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday! Thanks to Sara Walter Elwood/Cera Dubois for sponsoring this weekly six-paragraph sneak peek blog hop. Click here to see more great excerpts!

I wanted to feature Heavy Metal in honor of it going up for pre-order at iTunes (get links for the iBookstore, Amazon, and B&N here). But then I realized the book’s still in production, and I don’t have final approved copy to excerpt yet. :/ So here’s one more taste of Soulflight, which should be released in a week or so! It’s a little different, some insight into the villain. Let me know what you think!

The weasel should be quaking where he stood. There should be a puddle at his feet, and the smell of fear perfuming the air.

The fact that none of that was true both annoyed and pleased Pike. He hated clichés, and the scene in his head was straight from a badly written Hollywood production. Those reactions from Wallie would also put Pike in the position of intimidator. He disliked that role as well, though he did take it on when necessary.

He was not a criminal mastermind, bent on the destruction of or control over the world. He was a visionary. True, nothing would stop him from achieving that vision, but that did not make him a cardboard character.

“So, whadda we do next?”

Pike turned his attention back to Wallie. Rock Davis’s message had been unexpected. Pike would never have anticipated the man’s involvement, though now the connection was clear. Samantha had gone home—most injured animals did—and her home was not typical. It contained Alexa Ranger, who, he’d learned recently, was a former agent connected with several government agencies. Her previous employer was GenCom, where she’d been supervised by—of course—Rock Davis.

Pike had lost track of Davis over the last few years. He’d known he’d left the military, but after that his actions had ceased to matter. Well, they’d ceased to matter long before that, but Pike did sometimes suffer from nostalgia.

Soulflight Cover

Sneak Peek Sunday March 3: First Look at Soulflight!

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday! Thanks to Sara Walter Elwood/Cera Dubois for sponsoring this weekly six-paragraph sneak peek blog hop. Click here to see more great excerpts!

Today I’m going to share the first excerpt of Soulflight, the next book to be released in my Soul Series. If you’ve read Soul of the Dragon, you might have seen part of the first chapter. This section is when Samantha and Rock first get up close and personal. (Not that way. 😉 )


“Holy Mary, Mother of God!”

Samantha burst awake at an electric jab in her shoulder. She glared at the man who sat on the edge of the bed next to her. Shades, who’d chased her from the library. Who couldn’t possibly have shot her, but must have taken her off the street afterward.

“What the hell are you doing?” she barked. Her head swam at the effort after her sudden movements. She fought it off, struggling not to let him see her weakness.

Then he nodded at her shoulder. She glanced down at ragged, bloody flesh with a needle sticking out of it.

Oh, God. She swallowed hard. Pain throbbed in the wound and set off a chain reaction. Her head added a counterbeat where she must have hit it when she fell, and her legs provided melody from all the unaccustomed flat-out running. She hadn’t felt this bad since she was shot.

Shot the last time. She jerked her head up at Shades, who sat patiently as if watching her brain catalog evidence. He had been behind her, and the bullet hit her from the front. She’d glimpsed a scrawny guy in a gray sweatshirt who might have been the shooter, she wasn’t sure. But she was sure Shades couldn’t have been.

Soulflight Cover

Sneak Peek Sunday: Soul of the Dragon Excerpt #2

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday! Thanks to Sara Walter Elwood/Cera Dubois for sponsoring this weekly six-paragraph sneak peek blog hop. Click here to see more great excerpts!

Here’s a bit of the first scene where heroine Alexa Ranger’s boss, Rock Davis, appears in Soul of the Dragon. He’s the hero of book two, Soulflight, coming soon!

Reacting by instinct, Alexa stepped back to regain her balance, braced, and tossed the man over her shoulder. Instead of landing on his back, however, he flipped all the way and landed on his feet, then spun to face her, laughing.

“Rock!” She wanted to press a hand to her heart, vibrating as it was with adrenaline, but couldn’t show any kind of “female weakness” to her boss. Ex-boss. She stuck her hands on her hips instead. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Rock Davis shrugged. “Keeping you on your toes so you won’t be out of practice when you come back.”

Alexa rolled her eyes and strode past him to the swing, where she dropped onto it and pushed it into violent motion. “I’m not coming back, Rock.”

Without jarring the swing or interrupting its timing, he eased himself onto it and settled back. “Oh? Then what do you plan to do with your life after this personal job is done?”

Good question. She’d been concentrating so hard on the outcome, she hadn’t considered the aftermath.

Soul of the Dragon cover

Soul of the Dragon cover

Sneak Peek Sunday: Excerpt from Soul of the Dragon

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday! This is my first participation in the new six-paragraph sneak peek blog hop sponsored by Sara Walter Elwood/Cera Dubois. Click here to see more great excerpts!


Soul of the Dragon coverRyc stood in the shadows between dunes and watched Alexa swim closer to shore. He hadn’t been able to stay away once Cyrgyn had flown off. It had been weeks since he’d seen Alexa, weeks when he knew she’d been training and preparing for the battle sure to come. He’d forced himself not to go to her, not to make excuses like his ability to help her train. She’d be fine with Cyrgyn. She needed to be with Cyrgyn.

But eventually he’d weakened, and he couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

She stood and his mouth went dry. Completely naked, her body shone silver in the moonlight, her long hair unbound, flowing over one shoulder and covering one breast. It made the exposure of the other all the more erotic.

Pressure grew in his chest, his desire fighting his integrity. She was not his, could never be his, but he felt driven to brand her so.

She stopped halfway up the sand and stared into the darkness that surrounded him. Her stance was combative, ready, despite her lack of weapon—or clothing. She looked like a comic book heroine but so much more.

After a moment she relaxed, walked the few feet to her clothes, and picked up her tank top. “Come on out, Ryc,” she called after she’d yanked the shirt over her head. “I know it’s you.”