Full Book List

Here is a full list of all my books, listed by series. You can also click the button for a printable PDF! (Okay, it’s not the full list. I have several books and short stories that are no longer in print. You can visit my Goodreads page if you’re curious, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.)

Adrenaline Shots

This is a mostly stand-alone series of romantic adventure short stories and novellas. The two titles with a * are connected. Phenomenal Impact is free if you sign up for my newsletter!

Phenomenal Impact (get it free)

Through the Void

Time with You

Operation: Gratitude

Endless Secrets


Tangled Alliance*

Frayed Allegiance*

The Road to Victory

The Solars Duology

Paranormal Romance

More Than You Know

All You Can Handle

The Seismic Series

Romantic Adventure



The Road to Victory

Goddesses Rising

Paranormal Romance

Under the Moon

Heavy Metal


The Victory Series

Romantic Adventure

The Road to Victory

Victory on the Edge

Victory Undercover

Victory in Action

Unwavering Victory (Coming Soon!)

Romantic Adventure

These titles all stand alone.

A Kiss of Revenge

Acceptable Risks

Behind the Scenes

Fight or Flight


Short Stories and Novellas

If You Believe in Me (a Christmas story)

On This Christmas Day (originally published in Tiny Treats 1, now FREE)

Lucky Enough (originally published in Tiny Treats 2, now FREE)