Tangled Alliance Cover

When Piper Halloran went missing at the start of a mission two and a half years ago, she lost a lot: Her husband. Her spy career. Her sense of self. When she finally escaped, she kept her freedom secret, not wanting to disrupt the new life her husband, Hudson, had built with her friend Ivy. All Piper wants now is to save the abducted child she had to leave behind before the girl is sold into an even worse life. But to succeed, she needs Hudson and Ivy’s help.

Hudson never quite convinced himself Piper was dead but found solace, healing, and even happiness with Ivy. Now Piper is back, and he doesn’t know how to handle the joy and terror that came with her return. The mission, that’s easy compared to the impossible choice facing him now. He has to sort out his feelings so he can make the right decision—either way, he’ll be hurting a woman he loves.


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