Frayed Allegiance Cover

Ivy Ellis thought starting over was the smart play. When her best friend—who happens to also be the first love of her husband’s life—returned from the dead, it was inevitable that he’d go back to her. No one was at fault, and removing herself from the situation means less pain for all of them. She just needs to settle into her new job, new town, new life, and eventually it will be as fulfilling as her old one. Maybe. Eventually. But then she gets enlisted to help a former colleague with a complicated mission, and she discovers just how much she misses her old life—and one person in particular. But he could never feel the same way…could he?

Talan Relone has done his best to give Ivy space, knowing how she must feel about his role in tearing her world apart seven months ago. But when she comes to rescue him—not that he needed rescuing—his suppressed feelings for her rise again. As they chase down a growing threat together, he starts to think maybe they have a chance. But only if they survive…


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