Endless Secrets

Endless Secrets Cover

When Bree Moreland becomes aware that Valentine’s Day is looping, she decides to take advantage of it with a different date on each time loop, all held in the same pub for ideal comparison and analysis. The results are disappointing, with the bartender providing the only spark she feels. But then one night everything blows up—literally. 

Clay Dyer is in Prinny’s Pub for one reason: to stop a catastrophic attack. He’s so focused on his mission he barely notices that Bree doesn’t act like everyone else, following the same steps in a repetitive dance. When the mission goes wrong and she saves him, he can’t help but regret that she won’t remember any of it the next day. 

Except she does. And watching people die has changed everything. Bree’s no longer content to ride the river of time in endless circles, and when she confronts Clay, he is shocked to find that she’s not only aware of the time loop, she’s somehow deeply involved. 

Now time is running out, with one last chance to put a stop to a bigger conspiracy with enormous potential consequences, and the secrets being uncovered threaten not only Bree’s stable life but the incredible connection developing between her and Clay. 

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