Adrenaline Shots

Adrenaline Shots are fast-read short stories packed with action and romance. Each one stands alone (except the last two, which are a pair). Some are paranormal or futuristic, some are set in a realistic world—but make no mistake, all are meant to be a quick, fun, relaxing escape from reality.

Phenomenal Impact
Oakley Commton has been cursed and is suddenly aware of being a heroine in a Natalie J. Damschroder story. The only saving grace is that when she’s assigned to a mission that could lead to her death—or worse—she knows the outcome will be success. Damschroder only writes happy endings. But she’s sure going to make it difficult to get there.

Through the Void
There’s only one thing Vix can do when she discovers the secret life that has led to her husband’s coma—make that life hers. When she goes on her first mission through the void, however, she finds not only a new self-purpose, but her lost husband, as well. She did the impossible once. Can she do it again, and bring him home?

Time with You
Using time travel to right wrongs has filled Amaya and Brody’s lives for 12 years. But when they learn what The Charge, their employer, is really doing with the power they’ve tapped, everything changes. Their purpose. Their choices. And their feelings for each other.

Operation: Gratitude
Greta and Finn make a great team as part of JOE Ten, a private company running military-adjacent operations. Facing impossible choices, they are forced to confront suppressed feelings for each other as well as their own weaknesses. Making the wrong decisions will put at risk their relationship, their careers, and even their lives.

Endless Secrets
When Bree takes advantage of a Valentine’s Day time loop, the bartender provides more spark than the new date she has each repeated night. But then everything blows up—literally. Clay is in Prinny’s Pub for one reason: to stop a catastrophic attack. When the mission goes wrong and Bree saves him, it gives them one last chance to put a stop to a bigger conspiracy with enormous potential consequences.

Emerald and Wyatt pilot the Spectrum, their short-range spacecraft, with skill and charisma that have earned them the honor of being the first ship flung to a new planet. But when they arrive, they discover they could be trapped there…forever. Things around them are changing every hour, leaving the future—and their feelings for each other—increasingly uncertain.

Tangled Alliance
Piper lost a lot in the two years she was held captive. Her husband. Her spy career. Her sense of self. All she wants now is to save the abducted child she had to leave behind when she escaped. But to succeed she needs the help of her husband and his new wife, and her coming back from the dead will have devastating consequences for all of them.

Frayed Allegiance
Ivy had thought starting over was the smart play. She just needs to settle into her new job, new town, new life, and eventually it will be as fulfilling as her old one. But when a former colleague needs her help, she discovers just how much she misses her past—and one person in particular. But he could never feel the same way…could he?