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High Stakes Romantic Adventure and Paranormal Romance

With heroes and heroines throwing themselves headlong into saving the world…or just the people they love.

I love romance. It’s very rare for me to read a book that doesn’t have some kind of romance in it. And impossible for me to write one. But I also love heart-pounding excitement, life-or-death stakes, and complex villains just begging to be defeated. You’ll find all of that in many of my books and stories, whether they’re contemporary or paranormal.

Introducing: Adrenaline Shots!

Adrenaline Shots are fast-read short stories packed with action and romance. 

Phenomenal Impact cover
Through the Voice cover
Time with You cover
Operation Gratitude cover
Endless Secrets Cover
Slingshot cover
Tangled Alliance Cover
Frayed Allegiance Cover

                                                         Now Available!

All 8 Adrenaline Shots short stories/novellas are now available in a print collection!

Adrenaline Shots

More Than You Know Now Available!

My new paranormal duology with the books More Than You Know and All You Can Handle: Having the power to harness the sun can be a gift…or a curse.

My early 2020 release is Secrets Under SIEGE, an enemies-to-lovers romantic adventure. Conrad Dixson has finally rebuilt his company after corruption nearly destroyed it in the first book, Hearts Under SIEGE. But Skye Burgeson brings a new threat to everything he’s rebuilt, and more. They have to work together…but can he trust her? 

Secrets Under Siege cover

Do you prefer paranormal romance? My superhero series with Soul Mate Publishing is complete! In The Color of Courage, Daley Charm, and empath, wrestles with being the only member of Washington, DC’s superhero team without physical powers. Harmony Wilde hides her abilities under a mask while she serves her small town in The Light of Redemption. And in the just-out The Reflection of Hope, Vanessa Ripley has to come to terms with the damage her own powers have done. In all three books, they must battle hate group the Citizens Against Superhero Existence.

Cover of The Reflection of Hope

From my backlist…

Goddesses Rising: Modern-day goddesses battle enemies who would steal their power for personal gain, or worse. Their heroes fight side by side with them, battling both the enemy and their feelings.

Stand-alone romantic adventures: Featuring strong-willed, battle-tested heroines who guard their hearts and even stronger, determined heroes who sometimes don’t.

The Soul Series: Paranormal romance set in contemporary society populated with the occasional spy, dragon, extraordinary abilities, and sometimes redeemable villains.

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